4 of the biggest roulette wins ever


From the French word for “small wheel”, over the years roulette has spawned a variety of online roulette games from around the world.

In addition to the games available online, players around the world continue to bet and spin the wheel.

Below are the four biggest jackpots ever won at the casino.

An entrepreneur turns $ 35,000 into $ 3.5 million

When: January 2017

Who: Pedro Grendene Bartelle

Sum won: 3.5 million dollars

Where: Hotel Conrad, Punta del Este, Uruguay

Game: French Roulette

Some bettors are lucky, while others have to make their own luck.

Pedro Grendene Bartelle was already a successful entrepreneur when he went to the Punta del Este casino in Uruguay to try his luck at the French roulette tables.

By sacrificing red or black bets at odds of two, Bartelle covered most of the third dozen. In fact, most of his $ 500 s chips were on number 32. Clearly that number came out and $ 35,000 turned into 35 million.

Strangely enough, it was also filmed, probably before security even confiscated the camera.

Experts of the roulette strategy will know that French Roulette is one of the best games in terms of percentage return to player.

The game includes insurance for players in which half of a lost bet at odds of two is returned if the ball lands on zero, causing the house edge to drop to 1.35%.

Not that Mr. Bartelle needed it. ..

Ashley Revell puts her life savings at risk

When: 2004

Who: Ashley Revell

Amount won: $ 272,000

Where: Plaza Casino, Las Vegas, USA

Game: American Roulette

Take an American entrepreneur, add $ 136,000 in life savings, a harmless bet, and you’ve got the crazy Ashley Revell story.

In 2004, the entrepreneur decided to stake his financial future on roulette.

Revell sold everything, including his collection of golf clubs and his BMW to stake all his possessions on red at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas.

“Can I kiss the ball?” Revell asked. The ball was spun and he aimed his stack of $ 1,000 s chips .

Whether or not it was a staging for Revell’s new online poker venture is not known, what is certain is that it was one of the most exciting moments ever filmed in a casino.

“That ride was the best time of my life,” Revell later said. “It’s a cliché, but time has truly stood still.”

The president shoots … and scores!

When: 2008

Who: Mike Ashley

Sum won: 1.3 million pounds

Where: Fifty, London, UK

Game: European Roulette

Our roulette payout list is clearly geared towards successful entrepreneurs and their successes .

It could be said that a successful entrepreneur knows when to bet and when to let it go.

One man who has certainly managed to inflate his bank account well is Mike Ashley.

The President of Premier League team, the Newcastle United, is trying to do a good deal by selling the football team, even though everyone knows him already for his bets.

In 2008, Ashley went to the posh London Fifty Casino to play the tables .

In 15 minutes, or so the legend goes, the famous president had used his lucky number, 17, to get well 1.3 million pounds.

That sum will probably be enough to pay for 20 minutes of play for one of his strikers.

The man who nearly broke Les Ambassadeurs

When: 2004

Who: Sir Philip Green

Sum won: 2 million pounds

Where: Les Ambassadeurs, London, UK

Game: European roulette

Finally, we conclude the theme of the tycoons who bet with the story of the president of British Home Stores, or Sir Philip Green.

The billionaire was a regular at the London casino Les Ambassadeurs.

It is estimated to have won at least 2 million pounds casino roulette by the middle of 2004 and probably another million by the end of , or the same year.

L and his victories were so spectacular that the owner of Les Ambassadeurs, the London Clubs International, warned investors about profit.

But with a house edge of 2.7%, even the best roulette players know that the house will always win in the end.

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